6 Heart-Related Reasons You May Be Having Chest Pain

6 Heart-Related Reasons You May Be Having Chest Pain

If you experience chest pain, your first thought might be that you’re having a heart attack. But while that’s certainly a possibility, there are a number of other conditions that cause chest pain. 

Learn to distinguish among them so you understand when you’re having an emergency and when you’re not.

At Advanced Cardiac Care, board-certified cardiologist Dr. Michael Avaricio and our team understand how troubling chest pain can be, and we caution our patients to always take it seriously. But we also know that not all chest pain is a heart attack in progress, which is why they’ve put together this guide on common sources of chest pain.

6 heart-related reasons you may be having chest pain

Heart-related causes of chest pain include:

The pain you feel in your chest differs depending on the underlying cause. With angina in particular, you can have any of a number of different forms. 

With stable angina, chest pain occurs when you’re active, lasts a short time, and is relieved with medication. Unstable angina is chest pain when you’re resting or sleeping, and it lasts longer than stable angina pain. Microvascular angina is severe chest pain during normal daily activities. It may last longer than 30 minutes.

Chest pain can also develop due to problems in other body systems, including your chest and back muscles, lungs, upper spine, esophagus, stomach, gallbladder, and pancreas.

Because you won’t know the underlying source of your chest pain, you should always treat it seriously and make an urgent appointment at Advanced Cardiac Care or go to the ER if you’re experiencing symptoms of a heart attack (see below).

Chest pain’s related symptoms

Pain is unquestionably the most common symptom of a heart problem, but some people experience other symptoms, with or without the pain. Women, especially, have reported unusual symptoms that later were identified as resulting from a heart condition, such as:

Some symptoms that may indicate your chest pain is related to issues other than your heart include:

To learn more about the reasons for chest pain or to make an appointment, contact our office in the Ozone Park area of Queens, New York.

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